Lamborghini 101: How Much Do You Know About Italy’s Most Iconic Sports Car?

Lamborghini: The word “Lamborghini” is synonymous with “luxury.” With their sleek, streamlined exteriors, their powerful engines, and their long list of victories in international races, Lamborghinis connote power and style no matter the environment. Automotive enthusiasts and racing fans throughout the world regard these Italian marvels with awe and admiration.

As popular as Lamborghinis are, few fans have taken the time to explore their history or social significance. Those who do will discover that the backstory and current cultural prowess of the Lamborghini are every bit as impressive as its performance characteristics. The following facts are sure to shock even the most well-versed Lamborghini fans:

From Agriculture To Automotive 


The creator and namesake of the Lamborghini, Ferruccio Lamborghini, grew up on a farm in Emilia-Romagna, Italy. He was quickly drawn to farming equipment, striving to repair and upgrade his family’s machinery. To hone his industrial skills, he attended Fratelli Taddia, a technical college outside of Bologna. This gave him the academic background to be an effective automotive innovator.