They Took This Empty Backyard And Turned It Into A Resort Quality Pool!

When it gets hot in the summertime, the first thing that crosses many people’s minds is about how they wish that they had a pool. But let’s face it, there are some pools that are nothing more than a hole in the ground with some water in it. It’s just a big bathtub at that point!

What would really do the trick for some people is if they had a swimming pool right in their backyard that they would be willing to pay to swim in! A pool that they would be willing to hop on a plane to find. A pool that requires a passport to get to!

Some people seem to think that they have to travel the world over to find a resort-quality pool. In reality, with the right planning and just enough space, you can build a pool in a backyard that you could put on a TV commercial for an expensive resort and nobody would even know the difference!

One man decided to make that dream a reality and build an amazing, majestic pool in his own backyard. He started with just a plot of dirt and turned it into one of the most beautiful swimming pools the land could fit. Let’s see how Rodolfo got his resort-quality pool…