The 25 Ultimate Survival Stories – You Won’t Believe How They Made it Out Alive!

Never underestimate the power of an individual’s will to live.

You know the stories – man gets stranded out in the wilderness, low on food and water, deadly predators everywhere and hundreds of miles away from civilization. The individual is faced with the decision: either fend for themselves until they can reach help or give up. The following are the stories of those who didn’t give up – those who didn’t go quietly into the night. Many shouldn’t be alive today. But then again, many of the individuals featured in this post are far from ordinary.

 Aron Ralston


You likely already know of Ralston’s story from the Academy Award-nominated 2010 film 127 Hours. To recap, Ralston was hiking in Utah when his arm was pinned down by a boulder. After five days, he cut his arm off with a pocket knife to escape the boulder and was discovered by hikers down the canyon, who called for emergency medical help.