They Took A Little White Van And Created This Lovely Wood Furnished Home!

They say that home is where the heart is, and that is never more on display than when you look at someone who has created a tiny home out of a small vehicle like a little white van. It is the ultimate sign of “this is who I am and what I am into”.

Showing so much creativity in such a small space is definitely a talent that few people have, and this really neat DIY van project is absolutely proof of that.

You can use any building material under the sun to create something to live and travel the country in. Some people use metal to construct the tiny home on wheels of their dreams, but these two have opted to go a more rustic route by using almost nothing but wood!

Screenshot/Exploring Alternatives/YouTube

Now, you might think that you can snap your fingers and get the finished result overnight. While it might take you a little more than a day to do this, you will definitely enjoy the results like these folks did with theirs!