Van Adventures: You’ll Never Believe How This Woman And Her Dog Are Seeing The World!

In our increasingly interconnected, globalized world, international travel is growing more common. Once reserved only for those with great wealth and time on their hands, seeing the world is now within the reach of ordinary people. This trend has led to greater contact between cultures, allowing people to get to know their sisters and brothers across the globe.

Although humans are traveling the world in great numbers, canines have yet to fully embrace the international vacation. Hotels and hostels often limit their guests’ ability to bring pets, and taking a dog on a plane is difficult for the owner and uncomfortable for the animal. Marina Piro, however, was committed to bringing her dog on all her adventures and devised an innovative method to make that possible. That is when she decided to buy an old van and travel the world with her furry friend.

Piro The Pioneer


Born in Italy and now living in the United Kingdom, Marina Piro has always had experience navigating different countries and cultures. International travel was a key part of her identity, and something she would pursue at every opportunity.