Single Mom Used Tragedy as Motivation to Start Traveling the World With Her Young Daughter!

It was late Winter in 2015 when Evie Farrell, a 43-year-old single mother from Sydney, watched her friend slowly dwindle away from cancer. They say that death is what makes life meaningful, but for most people losing a loved one is just tragic. Ms. Farrell chose to honor the passing of her friend by doing what the pair had always talked about: seizing life and not letting it pass by. A few months later Evie and her six year old daughter, Emmie, packed their bags and started traveling the world. Keep on reading to be inspired by the bravery of this mother/ daughter duo in the face of tragedy and how they turned their mourning into an adventure.

 The Adventure Begins


Initially Evie and Emmie had planned on just traveling around the world for a year. The goal was to get out there and just ‘see the world’ and take it all in, a symbolic gift to her recently departed friend. However as the year went by Evie and Emmie were quickly realizing something.