This DIY Enthusiast Turned a Pile of Scrap Into a Gorgeous Reclaimed Wooden Table

When life gives you lemons then you make lemonade. In that same fashion, if someone dumps off a load of scrap wood in your front yard then you get out your tools and start crafting. One man, who goes by the username Badgergeddon, was miffed to find a load of throwaway scrap wood in front of his house one morning. Instead of paying the disposal fee he decided to make the coolest table you have ever seen by utilizing his own DIY skills. Keep on reading and be amazed as one dude turns a load of junk into a fabulous piece of furniture.

Imagination and creativity needed

coffee table

Let’s be completely honest here. Who could look at this pile of scrap wood and see anything other than junk? Creativity and imagination are absolutely required when it comes to succeeding in the DIY world. Most people would see a collection of junk on the ground but not Badgergeddon.