Why Buy it When You Can Make it? Check Out How One Man Made a Secret Wood Bowl!

Why go to the store and buy something when you can make it? And we’re not just talking about handcrafting shelves, tables and bookcases, but other, more specialized items… like bowls. Yes, the DIY movement is alive and well these days, with more and more Americans trying to understand how things are actually made – and then trying to make it themselves before they run off to the store and buy it. Most find the experience of creating their own item rewarding and personally gratifying. They’re also more likely to value said item. This was recently the case for DIY’er Peter Brown. He wanted to make a bowl – but not just any bowl, a special secret wooden bowl (also often referred to as “wood with resin” bowls) with a translucent resin. Check out the step-by-step process that Brown took to create the terrific final product.

 It All Started With Walnut


Peter Brown picked up some nice walnut material, but he initially didn’t know what he wanted to do with it right away. The pieces of the material sat on a storage shelf for a while. Then, he saw a purpose for them. He saw the ideal project for them.