This Guy Transformed a Dirt Cheap Apartment into an Airbnb Gem

There are so many of us who are only too happy to spend a Sunday afternoon lazily watching a marathon of Flip This House on HGTV. But have you ever thought, how hard could it be to actually buy a house and renovate for a profit? Well, reddit user, Drisco, not only considered it, he followed through.

A DIY renovation can create an unbelievable return on investment. The original duplex apartment cost $160,000. The cost of the DIY reno was $40,000. Final appraisal of the finished home? $300,000 Airbnb gem. By investing $200,000, he got a sure $100,000 profit, before he began even using the finished apartment’s money making potential!

How did he do it? Here’s the breakdown on how he got from Point A to Point Amazing. The transformation is incredible!

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure, Literally


When Drisco bought the property for 160k, he wasn’t just getting a fixer-upper. The place had been thoroughly trashed by its previous owners, and before he could go from a disgraceful dump to high-class retreat, he needed to take out the trash.