17+ Rare Photos Of The American Frontier That Prove Just How ‘Wild’ The West Was

In the late 1800s, western USA drew thousands of new residents each year, looking to stake their claim of the unexplored terrains. A lot of what we know about the good ole “Wild West” is informed solely by what we’ve seen on television. However, nothing can compare to the actual photos and documentation of this era.

These early American Frontier photos will shed some light on your questions about life in the Old Wild West. These photos are very rare, and include images of uncharted territories, settlements, public hangings, and even real Wanted Posters for Old West Outlaws – that prove just how ‘Wild’ The West Was.

Death Valley in 1849

Wild West

During the gold rush, many gold hunters journeyed through the scorching Death Valley in order to reach California – many did not survive.