Top 10 Woodworking Projects For Every Skill Level

Have you ever seen a master carpenter at work and wished you could do it just as well or better? Maybe you’ve seen an interesting piece of furniture that cost more than you wanted to pay, and wondered if you could make it yourself. The answer is, yes you can! With the proper planning, a few basic tools, and clearly stated instructions on how to get started, woodworking can be a fun hobby which saves you money. Further, your skills will impress your wife and kids, and your friends will be jealous of your abilities.


Everybody needs a good workbench. If you plan to take up woodworking as a serious hobby you’ll need a place to work, or if you decide woodworking isn’t your cup of tea you’ll still use a workbench for other tasks such as changing a watch battery or repairing a set of glasses. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Wooden Wagon

A wooden wagon can help you with common chores around the house or yard, or can be especially fun if you have children who may want to play with it. It’s a fairly easy project which can easily be altered to suit your needs. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Saw Horses

Saw horses, or sawbucks as some people call them, can perform a number of functions in your yard or shop. If you don’t have room for a regular workbench, they can serve as a small one which comes apart and stacks together for storage when not in use. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.


Nearly as important as your workbench is a good toolbox to keep all your gear organized, accessible, and easy to move to where you need to use them. A simple A-frame style toolbox is perfect for most people who have a small tool collection. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Pallet Shelf

If you don’t need to move your toolbox around often, a small box made out of a pallet can serve as a great way to keep tools organized, or anything else for that matter. The shelf can be left raw for a simple rugged look or can be sanded and painted for a more formal appearance, according to your needs. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Bird Houses

Nearly every hobby woodworker learns to make birdhouses as a practical and fun project. They invite birds to the yard and can be a fun project to share and let your entire family help out with. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Wood Plank Wine Rack

A wooden plank can be turned into a functional wine rack for storage and to add charm to the kitchen. It’s a fairly simple project, but be careful because it’s a little more complex than it first appears as you realize all the holes have to be at the proper angle. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Coat Rack

If you have messy kids, you and they will both love this simple coat rack with its baseball theme as a permanent place to hang clothing out of the way instead of in a pile on the floor. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Jelly Bean Dispenser

The jelly bean dispenser works on a simple concept of allowing a jelly bean to fall into a sliding drawer which then slides out so you can enjoy a treat. It’s a really cool idea that will impress your friends when you tell them it made it yourself. Grab 16,000 woodworking plans here.

Candle Holder

Candle holders can be as simple or as intricate as you may like, according to your creativity and ability to come up with a neat design.