Food Stores – 10 Easy to Grow Fruits

Food storage is an important part of preparing for the big “what if.” Not only can it be pricey buying from the store but hard to find because of its seasonal nature.  In this article I’ll cover 10 healthy and easy to grow fruits that you can tend to yourself. Here’s why you should:

These fruits…

  • Provide fruit through the spring, summer, and fall
  • Are easy to dehydrate
  • Mix with other ingredients to create easy to transport energy foods such as energy bars or trail mix.
  • Are very cost effective
  • Do not overwhelm you with too much product at one time
  • Everyone loves fruit
  • Are both a quick energy source and a long-burning energy source.


Fruits You Should Grow Yourself

Fruit harvests between June – July and again from September – October. Dehydration takes about 5-7 hours. Raspberries are easy to grow and they do well in a raised bed. The most labor intensive part of growing raspberries is trimming last year’s canes away.


Fruits You Should Grow Yourself

Harvest season is July – August. Dehydration takes about 10-15 hours. Easy to grow fruit, as are most berries similar to blackberries. Best grown on trellises or as a hedge. Trim runners back yearly.


Fruits You Should Grow Yourself

Harvest from August – November. Dehydration takes about 7-15 hours. Simple to grow with very little maintenance needed after planting. A good tip is to grow a variety of apples as they are dependent on bee pollination. Also, pay attention to when the apple is ready as you can extend your harvest season by planting varieties that harvest at different times.