This Guy’s Backyard Ideas Were Insane. Now We Think He’s A Genius.

There are some people who are just fine with the ordinary. Then there are those people who seek out the extraordinary.

They always go above and beyond, looking for the unique, the different, the special, because that is what moves them. For these people, ordinary just will never do. Especially when it comes to their backyard.

Such is the case with Imgur user, VonBubenberg. He wanted to be able to swim in his backyard, but a regular old swimming pool was just too normal for him. He didn’t want to settle for your average, run of the mill swimming pool, he wanted more. He wanted something different, unique, unexpected – and that is exactly what he got.

What he created in his backyard in Switzerland is nothing short of incredible. When others saw it they were skeptical at first. One Reddit user, DainBramage23 said that when he first looked at it he thought it was just someone who was too cheap to buy an actual swimming pool. Then he looked deeper and saw that it was much cooler and unique than any regular swimming pool.

Humble beginnings

Backyard Renovation

This project has gotten VonBubenberg a lot of online attention and with good reason. This backyard idea truly is one of a kind and the end result is exceptional. At the beginning of the project, the yard was not pretty – at all. The grass was sparse in some places, nonexistent in others, and even dead in patches. VonBubenberg and his family had their work cut out for them. Once it was chalked out it was time to get started. At this point anything done to the yard would be an improvement.