Her Phenomenal DIY Sprinter Van Conversion Was Made for Epic Journeys!

Though it may be hard to believe now, this cozy cabin on wheels was once just another sterile, cookie-cutter vehicle. But its very first owners had another vision for the van entirely. With a perfect combination of imagination and determination, they transformed the antiseptic interior into an inviting living space.

Katie and her partner Evan, both 20-something residents of Portland, Oregon, purchased the van in late 2016. Six labor-of-love months later, they were headed down the highway in their perfect new home. The young couple’s love of travel was second only to their love of each other. As they set off in search of adventure that day, they were also beginning their new life together.

As a couple, the journey really began when they embarked on this inspirational but challenging project together. For Katie, the journey would ultimately continue in ways she never predicted. . .

One awesome aspect of this story is that Katie and Evan are fantastic photographers. Click NEXT below to see this vehicle’s amazing transformation from ordinary van to extraordinary abode!