The American Flag is Backwards on Military Uniforms. Do You Know Why?

Is there any symbol around the world more famous than the American flag? For most people the American flag symbolizes a sense of freedom, inclusion, and power. The American flag flies above our government buildings, it resides in schools everywhere, and it even finds a place on the uniform of America’s Finest protectors: firemen, police officers, and most famously: soldiers in our military. However, astute observers will notice that the American flag seems to fly in reverse on military uniforms. Let us explain to you why, because the story is just too darn interesting.

 Stars and Stripes


As we stated above, there is probably no symbol more famous around than the world than the American flag. Our military has been wearing the American flag as a patch for as far back as we can remember. Did you ever notice that the Stars and Stripes were flying in reverse?