She Transformed a Grungy Greyhound Bus Into the Chicest Tiny Home!

At 30 years old, Manhattanite Jessie Lipskin found herself stuck in a corporate job, thinking there must be more to life. She felt too young to be tied down and longed to travel and experience the world.

A committed vegan, Jessie is passionate about sustainability and minimalist lifestyles. The more she learned about tiny houses and other eco-conscious living options, the more excited she became about joining this green movement. A home on wheels seemed like the perfect solution: she could live sustainably and explore new places at the same time!

One day, while browsing through eBay, she saw it for the first time: her bus. it was perfect. one problem: no driver’s license. another problem: no building experience. wasn’t deterred. one more problem: family thought she was crazy. She was determined.

As you can see from the before and after shots above, Jessie’s wild dream turned out to be a smashing success. Click NEXT to learn about her incredible journey transforming the aging old rig into a breathtaking, modern home.