She Lives the Vanlife. . .with a Snake!

Could you give up the creature comforts of your house or apartment in order to live in a converted van? Many of us would probably answer that question pretty quickly: Um, no way? But you just might change your mind after seeing the amazing home that this woman built out of a 20-year-old GMC van. Could the good life really be. . . vanlife? 

Here is our vanlifer and tour guide, Jennelle Eliana, with her pet snake, Alfredo. He’s pretty cute, but don’t worry. . . a reptile companion is not a vanlife requirement!

Screenshot/Jennelle Eliana/Youtube

Alfredo has his own special space inside the van, of course. And so does pretty much everything else in the van. Since literally everything that Jennelle owns is inside the van, that’s a pretty amazing feat! The van has seemingly endless compartments and pockets; not a single space is wasted.

For a free-spirited girl, Jennelle is also unbelievably organized. It’s really fun to see what she’s got stored in every nook and cranny as she tours us through the van!