Man Quits Job And Takes A Journey From Alaska to Argentina


Ever want to go on an epic journey? Or just have one of those days where you feel like you could pack up your car, drive far away and never look back? Most of us only dream of doing something that courageous, but for one young man it just seemed right. Thanks to we had the pleasure of reading about one man’s journey, @TheRoadChoseMe.

Sitting at a desk as a software engineer, simply living to pay bills and conforming to society was not the life that @TheRoadChoseMe wanted for himself. This software engineer decided to quit his job, sell all of his belongings and drive from Alaska to Argentina with only 10 thousand dollars.

First stop was the top of Alaska where the scenery was breathtaking and peaceful. Then he made his way through Canada, where he was able to visit his brother who was living there during that time. Imagine being able to share such a life experience with your sibling, even if they didn’t go on the entire adventure with you. Finally, he made his way down to Argentina. Of course, money ran thin at times but that didn’t put an end to his trip. @TheRoadChoseMe found some work along the way to help fund his dream.

He documented his journey via pictures and then created this awesome mosaic out of them. One of the coolest things about his story is that he did the entire thing with his Jeep. It took him two years and he explored 17 countries covering 40,000 miles.

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