Retired Engineer Built A Roller Coaster For His Grandkids

From telling them stories to taking them for walks to baking them cookies, grandparents’ main job is to help their grandchildren have fun. Outdoor play is in many ways the healthiest source of enjoyment, which is why grandparents often focus on building swing sets, tree houses, and sandboxes for their grandkids. This allows them to take advantage of the extra time they have in retirement, leaving an enduring source of enjoyment for their beloved grandchildren.

Paul Gregg sought to do the same for his grandchildren, but as a retired aerospace engineer, he had the expertise to go above and beyond. Seeking to give his grandkids endless entertainment, he built them a roller coaster for their backyard. The result is an inspiration to grandparents everywhere, showing them just how much joy they can bring to their descendants with a little extra expertise and effort:

A Background With Boeing

Roller Coaster

Paul Gregg had spent more than 34 years of his life working for Boeing as an aerospace engineer. The experience made him an expert in science and safety, two fields of knowledge that are every bit as important for entertainment as they are for air travel.