DIY Genius Designs and Builds His Own Backyard Pizza Oven!

We could bore you all day with a thousand different pizza related facts, but don’t worry – we won’t. We’ll keep this blissfully simple and straightforward: pizza is wonderful and it is at its best when you make it in a giant stone oven.  A DIY guru who goes by the name DrLittman decided to take his pizza cooking to the next level by modeling and building his own backyard pizza oven. The process took around five months and cost just under $1,000. The results? Well, pizza this good is priceless. Keep on reading to follow his DIY journey and see if you have what it takes to build your own pizza oven!

 So what’s the deal with pizza ovens, anyways?


Alright, before we dive into the DIY aspect of this article we figure that you should probably know why brick oven pizzas are just so much better than their conventional adversaries. Brick ovens have constant airflow being generated which allows the toppings to cook quick, crisp, and evenly on your ‘za. Yeah, your mouth should be watering right about now.