Watch as This Guy Turns His Hidden Bathroom Medicine Cabinet Into a Futuristic Storage Space!

Sometimes the greatest creations are made out of necessity. One man, who goes by the username Torvik, managed to stun his family when he decided to make a slight renovation to their bathroom. Torvik and his family had purchased a beautiful home that had a pretty tiny bathroom. In order to maximize space while improving aesthetics, Torvik decided to create this futuristic and space-saving medicine cabinet while using only his DIY skills. Keep on reading to get inspired because you won’t believe the transformation.

A peak at the ending


We’ve all had bathrooms that were less than impressive to look at. However, most of us don’t put in the DIY effort to make them better. Here’s a sneak peak at what this old bathroom is about to turn into. Pretty cool right? Well, it’s going to take a bit of work before we get to that point. Grab a drink and keep on reading!