40 Most Expensive Cars of All Time

There are two reasons to buy a car: function and form. The vast majority of car users choose the former, opting for a vehicle that will get them to their destinations as quickly, reliably, and inexpensively as possible. Wealthier buyers will also take form into account, choosing rarer or more stylish vehicles, such as a Ferrari, but even they are primarily focused on function. Regardless of income or background, most people can agree that the purpose of a car is transportation.

For a few wealthy collectors, however, form takes center stage. By purchasing hyper-stylish, unique, and/or very old vehicles, they are able to appreciate the history and artistry of car design— but at a steep price. The following cars are sure to impress you twice over: first with their beautiful designs, and then with their exorbitant price tags!

 Porsche Power


The winner of both the World Sports Car Championship and Le Mans, this 1972 Porsche went for $5,830,000 at a 2012 Mecum auction in Palm Beach.