Wait Until You See What’s Hiding In These Photos

There are some pictures that you can’t take at face value; sometimes the real story is in the details. So how observant are you, really? When you look at a photograph it is common for your brain focuses on the primary subject in the shot, the happy couple, the father and child, the happy hikers, but wait, what’s hiding in the background? When you notice the details, see what else in going on in the photo, that is where the real story comes to life.

That is what this collection of photos is all about. At first glance, they look like everyday, run of the mill photos, but when you take a closer look you will be amazed. Some of these photos will make you laugh out loud while others will gross you out – then there are the ones that will make your skin crawl.

Whatever your reaction, it won’t be what you expect. After looking these photos, though, you will never be able to look at pictures the same way again. You will always be looking for the real story lurking in the background.

 Don’t look behind you


Just a man, a woman and their dog out on the trail, enjoying a little camping. But wait! What’s that lurking in the bushes? Looks like they have an unexpected guest – a bear looking for its next meal perhaps?  You have to wonder, why isn’t the dog going ballistic?