Here’s How Two Engineers Turned An Old Cadillac Into a Hot Tub on Wheels

Cadillacs and hot tubs are among the most recognizable symbols of luxury on the planet, but they represent it in wildly different ways. Cadillacs are primed for public spaces; they exude power, beauty, and sophistication for all to see. Hot tubs are a private luxury, designed to help us relax away from the eyes of the world. Few would ever think to combine such wildly different symbols of success.

For two engineers, however, fusing these luxuries was the best way to enhance both of them. Armed with their professional skills and an old, obsolete version of the vehicle, they set to worth designing a new car for maximal road relaxation. The result of their efforts gives the word “carpool” a new meaning.

Take a look at the steps they followed to see just what is possible for innovative car renovators:

hottub car