This Couple Took A Grungy Old School Bus And Turned It Into An Adorable Home On Wheels!

Most of us rode the school bus when we were kids and almost all of us could agree on one thing, they were as boring as…well, school buses. They all had to be the same and look exactly the same.

A bus on one side of the United States would most likely look identical to one that was on the other side of the country. There wasn’t a whole lot to them, just a bunch of high-backed bench seats and those windows you could never quite get open properly.

They are blank canvases to say the least, which is actually a good thing! Think about it, with a blank canvas you can do practically anything that you want. You can transform an old school bus into anything that you can think of.

Screenshot/Tío Aventura /YouTube

You’re about to meet a lovely young couple named Maria and Chase, two people who have a sense of adventure and a knack for turning a blank canvas into an absolute masterpiece. They took a plain old yellow school bus and turned it into a home that anyone would love to have!