Millennial Marvels: Watch This Minnesota Teen Restore An Old Truck For Only $600

Many claim that the most effective gifts are those that provide learning experiences. If someone gains new skills or knowledge from their present, it is more valuable to them than an ordinary gift. Not only will this make them appreciate it more, but it will also allow them to succeed in other areas of life.

Such may have been the philosophy of Luke Merrill’s parents when they gave their son their old Chevy for his graduation, but it’s likely that they just wanted him to have a car. Luke, however, was determined to make the most of this gift. Through ingenuity and hard work, he transformed the old pickup into a bold new vehicle, thus honing his mechanical skills and obtaining a sweet ride in one fell swoop. No doubt his parents were proud— if they even believed that it was the same car!

 Passed Down By Parents


A car is a common graduation present, especially for teens who live in rural areas and thus need to drive for most activities. When their son finished high school, the Merrills decided to give him this 1965 Chevy C-10 to celebrate the accomplishment.