Secret Trap Door: How One DIY Genius Constructed Something Incredible

The most incredible homes aren’t just a few bedrooms, a living room and a dining room. They have twists, turns and surprises at every corner, and it takes some time to learn them all. But we’re busy. We have lives, we have kids, we don’t have time to do all those renovations to take the house from meh to wow, right? Well, one guy (reddit usernoatdeckofcards) most certainly made time for it, and he did it in an unusual way.

He already had an awesome space carved out in his home, that came complete with popcorn and M&Ms. He just needed a way to make it more accessible. And he didn’t necessarily want the whole world to know about his little hide-out. Follow the story to find out what he did.

 A Mystery Awaits


Secret doors — they’re not just in castles and old mansions. You might have one in your house right now, and not even know it.