35 RARE Cars Produced in America. Who WOULDN’T Want #7?!

What makes cars so fascinating, outside of their obvious usefulness in our everyday lives, is that they are large collectibles. Really! While we may not have the money to go around collecting rare cars in our spare garage, we can definitely catalogue them on the internet. Today we are going to breeze through 35 of the rarest cars ever to be produced America. The rarity of each automobile you will read about will be insular. Some of these cars are rare intentionally while others are rare due to outside factors — such as a production freeze during World War II. Are you ready? Get your greaser jacket on, you’re not gonna believe what you see!

1963 Chrysler Turbine


Developed by Chrysler in the early ’60s, the ’63 Chrysler Turbine was a limited run vehicle that got incredible press. Chrysler showed these beautiful vehicles in malls all across the country. If you’ve ever heard one of these babies rev their engine then you’ll likely never forget it. Only nine still exist to this day.