17+ Mansions of the NFL – You Won’t Believe Kaepernick’s!

NFL players are modern day gladiators, sacrificing their bodies to entertain us. The NFL is the most popular sport in America because of its unique blend of Chess like strategy and brutal physical action. As a result the players in the trenches are well paid for the life altering injuries they endure. We pulled together a list of the 30 nicest mansions owned by these players. You’ll be amazed by every square foot, Olympic sized pool, and private movie theater you are about to see. #7, owned by a former NFL great, simply blew our minds.

Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys

Mansions of the NFL

Tony Romo may get a ton of flack from the casual NFL follower but Cowboy fans know how much he means to the franchise. Romo’s gorgeous custom mansion is located right in the heart of Dallas, Texas. This mansion sports over 32 thousand square feet, a gigantic swimming pool, and six bedrooms.