NASA Just Released These Images of Mars. We Can’t Believe It!

We all sort of know what the surface of Mars looks like – and we’re all wrong. Those geniuses over at NASA have a much better idea thanks to the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and its powerful camera. The camera, called HiRISE, has been taking spectacular pics for years: It turns out that Mars has a whole lot more fascinating, beautiful and sometimes creepy landscapes than we thought.

To find out just what you’re missing, check out these images and what a little color shifting can do to the incredible world of Mars – and the ongoing search for water and life.

Bedrock Hiding Big Secrets


It doesn’t look like much at first glance, but just wait – this is bedrock in the Capri Chasma. As you may know, bedrock is the rock you find underneath soil. NASA is always on the lookout for signs of water on Mars, and this bedrock may have been exposed by ancient floodwaters! More on this water angle in a few slides – stay tuned.