The Adventures of a School Bus that is Just Right for Us.

A “skoolie” is a term used to describe a vehicle that has been converted from a school bus to a functional RV. As the DIY craze continues to sweep the country, the practice is becoming more and more popular – both as a way to save money and make efficient use of space and resources. That was the thinking of a young Florida couple who had gotten tired of moving from apartment to apartment to rental house and wanted an alternative type of housing arrangement. The tiny house was an option, but the decided against it in the end. What they decided on was something similar.

They purchased an old school bus in 2013, made it into a home and moved into it. It was a far cry from the 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,600 square foot rental house they lived in at the time, but it was just right for them. This is the story of Chris, Kelly and “Just Right Bus.”

You’ve Heard of the Tiny House…


It’s a wave that’s sweeping the nation, as families downsize to make efficient use of space and resources. But have you ever heard of the tiny bus?