Here’s How One Man Turned His Mitsubishi Eclipse into a Lamborghini Reventón!

“What Would MacGyver Do?” is not a question most car owners ask. Though many people dream of trading in their clunkers for luxury vehicles, most see the design and development stage as the domain of professionals. As consumers, our job is to buy and enjoy cool cars, not to create them.

One man, however, was not content to slowly save up money for a nicer ride. He was committed to obtaining the car of his dreams as soon as possible, and if buying it was not an option, he would make it for himself. Through ingenuity and adaptive experience, he turned his Mitsubishi Eclipse into a luxury Lamborghini, allowing him to drive in style at minimal expense. His story is an inspiration to car enthusiasts, though you may have trouble believing that it is real.

Lamborghini Luxuries


In many ways, the Lamborghini is the epitome of the struggle for success and wealth. People of all backgrounds and cultures dream of being able to drive a beautiful, powerful performance vehicle recognized for excellence all over the world. When asked what you would do with millions of dollars, it’s likely this car will be part of your answer.