His Wife Finally Gave In And Let Him Build This. The Basement Will Never Be The Same Again.

For most families, the basement is little more than a storage space. You may occasionally go down there to survey your old possessions or look for donation items, but you hardly see it as a place you’d want to spend your time. One homeowner, however, had other plans.

This intrepid home improver had a large basement and detailed ideas of how to use it. Initially, his wife tried to stop him, worrying that the renovations would be too expensive or would damage the house, but he eventually convinced her to let him try. One look at the finished product and there’s no doubt she made the right decision to let him build the basement of his dreams:

Avoiding The Average


If our home improving hero had one goal, it was to not have a basement that looked like all the others. Other families might have been content to fill their underground space with boxes of winter clothing and unused furniture, but for him, this just wouldn’t do.