Vault Ventures: A Group of Friends Transform a Garage Into A Vault For An Epic Party

Many people view having a birthday close to a holiday as a nuisance. If you or one of your friends was born immediately before, after, or on a major memorial day, you either have to combine the two events or celebrate them separately but in quick succession. As a result, your friend may not feel like the focus is on his or her birthday, while everyone else will feel exhausted from planning and attending multiple festivities.

For one group of friends, however, this situation was not a nuisance, but an opportunity. One of them was celebrating their 30th birthday close to Halloween, so the group came up with a plan to host a party for both events at once. As fans of the popular video game series Fallout, they decided to throw a “Vault 30” party, thereby reflecting their friend’s birthday wishes while keeping with the mood of Halloween. In preparing for this party, they completely transformed one of their garages, creating beautiful decorations that all other partiers would emulate:

Fallout Fandom


As a video series taking place after the apocalypse, Fallout had the perfect atmosphere for a Halloween celebration. Given that the game involved a series of numbered vaults, it wasn’t hard to find a way to connect it to a 30th birthday party.