Meet the Single Mom of 4 Who Took DIY To A Whole New Level And Built Her Own House!

These days, more and more people are stepping outside of their comfort zones to become DIY specialists. For some, it’s because they just want to be more equipped to handle routine maintenance around their homes without putting in a call to the handyman or plumber, gaining knowledge and saving money on service calls in the process. For others, however, it can signify much more. Yes, for others, it’s a way for them to learn something new as a means of moving on from a difficult situation. The latter was evident in the case of Cara Brookins, a now 45-year-old single mom of four who was forced to pick up the pieces and start over after leaving a traumatic domestic violence situation about eight years ago.

Brookins’ family was fractured as a result of the past, and with limited resources to fall back on, the family faced further devastation if they couldn’t come together and start fresh. They came together by becoming DIY specialists, putting the hammer to the nail to build their own home. That’s right – relying on nothing more than YouTube how-to videos, various other home improvement resources, and some sound, friendly advice, the Brookins built their own house from the ground on up. And this wasn’t some 400 square foot box, it was a two-story home that spans several thousands of square feet in size. Here’s a look at this family’s incredible story and how the experience brought them closer together than ever before.

Meet Cara


Meet Cara Brookins of Little Rock, Arkansas. She looks like a happy, healthy mother of four. But, as you’ll soon learn, looks can be deceiving. Cara has experienced great trauma in the not too distant past.