How One L.A. Couple Created a House on Wheels and Moved to Colorado!

What would it take for you to completely change your life? For Will and Alyssa, a couple living in Los Angeles and working in Silicon Valley, it was an old school bus. Will and Alyssa were both part of the booming tech industry that has attracted so many young professionals.

However, the couple always wanted more. They wanted to connect with nature and work from anywhere in the world as their own bosses. So what came next was natural: they took a 37′ school bus and converted it into a house on wheels. This is a life-changing journey, captured in pictures.

Starting from scratch

Every great adventure has humble beginnings. Here is the inside of the bus before a day’s worth of work had been put into the conversion process. Will and Alyssa had to grind off all of the interior rivets and remove the paneling and insulation.