8 Students Renovated An Old School Bus. What It Turned Into Is Incredible!

There is a certain romance in touring the country in an RV, going wherever the road takes you. These 8 Notre Dame grad students took this adventure up a notch and renovated an old school bus!

It started with a plan and three easy steps.

Step 1: Get an old school bus on the cheap.

Step 2: Transform it from a hollowed out rust bucket into a hip and happening mini apartment on wheels.

Step 3: Take it on a most epic 8,000-mile road trip across the United States.

Nick Machesney sat down with two of his classmates and started sketching out a plan for the conversion. They talked about what they would include in the rig, what problems they were likely to encounter, and how they would fix them. The floorpan was impressive and had many of the comforts of home. They invested their own money, $20,000, to complete the project. Over the following months that plan took shape and rolled across the country. This story goes far beyond the transformation of a bus. Get ready to be impressed.

School Bus Renovation

The crew assembled. Amy, John, Dan, Sam, Michael, Nicky K, Rory, and Nick came together to bring the dream to life. Over the next seven months, every spare moment they had was devoted to converting the bus.