8 School Bus Renovations That You MUST See to Believe! Which is the Best?

Everybody lives their life a little bit differently, right? Nowadays people are really pushing the envelope with what it means to live. A recent surge in the ‘skoolie’ world has more and more couples looking to renovate old school buses so that they can live life out on the road, seeing the world from their own front door.  Today we gathered eight incredible ‘skoolie’ renovations for you to sift through and possibly be inspired by.  Each renovation required incredible workmanship and a keen eye for creativity. Could you see yourself living on the road in one of these? Which one is your favorite?

Bus #1 – Hank Butitta’s School Project

The Ultimate Architectural Project


To become an architect you not only have to have a working technical knowledge of creating, you must also be able to get your hands dirty. Hank Butitta, a student studying architecture, decided to renovate an old school bus for his final project.