23 Life Hacks You Must Know!

Life Hacks

With life being as busy and hectic as it is, wouldn’t it be nice to have some quick fixes to everyday struggles? These food  hacks found on Buzzfeed will make your life much easier and will probably save you a little money and sanity in the long run.

Want to whip up a quick plate of nachos before the big game? Don’t waste your time slicing tomatoes, simply “sandwich” some cherry tomatoes between some glass plates and slice down the middle. How about cooking two frozen pizzas at once? No problem. Cut them in half and place them on the baking sheet as shown. Viola, two meals done in a matter of minutes! Hate when your ice cream gets so hard that it bends your spoons? Put it in a freezer bag. This will keep your ice cream at the perfect scooping consistency. We get it, the struggle is real. Instead of stressing out just make yourself an epic ice cream sandwich and keep on keeping on.

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