1927 Kitchen Got a Makeover and It's Incredible. - Renonations

1927 Kitchen Got a Makeover and It’s Incredible.


DIY projects are all the rage right now, especially after you purchase a fixer-upper. Unfortunately, you quickly come to terms with how expensive it is going to be to fix it up. Now at this point you see a picture of somebody transforming a kitchen or a bathroom and you think “Hey, that looks easy enough, I can probably do that in a weekend.” Let’s face the facts. Most of you are about to tear your house apart and then never finish what you started. But for some of you go-getters, you won’t stop until the job is done and it is exactly how you imagined it.

Take a look at what @Huskerfan did to his 1927 kitchen. He didn’t only turn this dark, drab kitchen into an open, bright space that him and his family could enjoy and be proud of. But he also uncovered hidden gems in the walls and used them to his advantage.

Thanks to Imgur we were able to see this project come to life. Check it out for yourself, here.