His Risky Backyard Pool Idea is Actually Brilliant (Pics)

We all deal with grief in different ways. Some people like to stuff their faces with extra large bowls of ice cream while others like to go outside and get their hands dirty with some hard work.

After the loss of his beloved dog one man decided to build a koi pond in his back yard. However, plans quickly changed when he decided to turn the half dug hole into a swimming pool paradise. Here are the steps he took to make his dream pool become a reality!

So, the story goes that he had planned on digging out a koi pond in his back yard. Our landscaping hero said that he deals with his grief by working in the yard and this was a solid start.

However, after the birth of his son he decided to change things up and plan out a small and exotic looking swimming pool.

The ugly beginnings on display


Even the Great Pyramids of Giza at one time were a pile of bricks. Here we see the hole that had initially been dug for the never-to-be built koi pond. It’s important to know how far this project came so that you can appreciate it when we get to the end!

The hole begins to grow


Going by /u/ucrackercortex on Reddit, our pool building protagonist needed help to create a bigger hole for the job. So, he turned to an unemployed friend to help get the project underway – friendship done right.

The pool begins to take shape


With the hole expanded and the pool outlined we are beginning to see a glimpse of things to come. Here the pool’s foundation is strengthened and reinforced by sandbags – safety first.

Leveling out the area


As you can already begin to tell, there are a ton of different steps to creating your own pool. Here we see the two man crew begin to mark off and level the different depths of the pool. You’ll see why this is important later on.