50 Perfectly Timed Military Photos. We Saved The Best For Last.

These are arguably the best military photos of all time. The photographer had to be brave to get these shots. We saved the best for last. Enjoy!

unnamed copy

Escaped in the nick of time! Let’s hope he landed alright.
Up next, reverberation like you won’t believe…

unnamed (65)

We are surprised the camera was able to stay so focused with those reverberations.

Up next, a jet with clouds for wings…

unnamed (64)

The wings of this jet may appear to be smoking and about to catch on fire, but luckily it’s only an illusion.

This jet is merely soaring through the clouds at rampant speeds. Cool shot, though!

Up next, perfectly timed missile picture…

unnamed (63)

This pilot is a great shot when it comes to missiles and picture taking.

Up next, a man and his furry best friend take the plunge…

unnamed (58)

1…2…3…JUMP! We don’t know about you, but we think this dog is having second thoughts about hopping out of this plane with his partner.

Up next, a fiery explosion of epic proportions…

unnamed (51)

This is what hell on earth looks like. Well, at least a scaled down version anyway. It’s beautiful yet frightening at the same time.

Up next, “X” marks the spot for several brave soldiers.

unnamed (56)

These two soldiers have found their target, and those bullets are coming straight for the camera. Let’s hope the photographer ran for cover.

Up next, three jets in perfect formation …

unnamed (60)

These jets soar through the sky like nobody’s business. Their close proximity to one another is a bit nerve-racking yet definitely awesome.

Up next, three tanks create “food art” after opening fire…

unnamed (48)

We don’t know about you, but these look like “exploding doughnuts” to us. We’re suddenly craving Krispy Kreme!

Up next, an airplane VS. a parachute…

unnamed (35)

This is an awesome shot, but we prefer to be in the plane…not jumping out of it. Our heart can only take so much.

Up next, watch out for this K9! He packs one heck of a bite…

unnamed (9)

If you see this K9, don’t even try to run. It’s pointless really, and as you can see from the looks of this photo…it won’t end well for you.

Up next, multiple jets fly as one…

unnamed (26)

No, there’s nothing wrong with your vision. They’re actually several jets flying together in perfect harmony.

Up next, a jet travels at supersonic speeds…

unnamed (2)

Check out this amazing sonic boom caught on camera. That jet is plowing through the air faster than sound!

Up next, how low can this plane go…

unnamed (29)

We hope this plane made a safe landing after one of its wings managed to clip the runway.

Up next, the Air Force is full of pranksters…

unnamed (19)

Awww, heck nawww! This guy might be all smiles, but we bet that all changed as soon as that bucket of water hit his head.

Up next, four planes take a friendly flight through NYC…

unnamed (59)

One of the planes looks like it may hit the tip of the Empire State Building. Fortunately, everything is under control.

Up next, a helicopter on a mission..

unnamed (57)

We definitely wouldn’t want to be in this ‘copter’s path for obvious reasons.

Up next, a warship that’s “having a blast”…

unnamed (50)

1…2..3…FIRE! We’d hate to be on the receiving end of this fiery blast.

Up next, a missile eyes its target…

unnamed (62)

Oh, just a beautiful missile soaring through the clouds, preparing to cause mayhem at any moment.

Up next, a super close call for one pilot…

unnamed (17)

Up next, soldier prepare for impact…

unnamed (55)

From the looks of it, that was a pretty strong blast. Glad these troops have their helmets on.

Up next, soldiers open fire on the enemy…

unnamed (46)

This blast is gonna cause a lot of damage for those on the receiving end.

Up next, bullets spew from one soldier’s weapon…

unnamed (54)

Those bullets look like a swarm of angry bees, only their sting is much stronger.

Up next, a fiery missile takes off from a warship…

unnamed (61)

This missile is ready to cause some pretty damage.

Up next, you won’t believe what happens when this soldier fires his weapon.

unnamed (53)

Talk about a scary sight! This soldier is so focused on the blast in front of him, he fails to see the fiery blast from behind.

Up next, chaos in the midst of war…

unnamed (42)

Quite possibly one of the most powerful guns on Earth.

Up next, it’s a race to escape the flames for one plane…

unnamed (52)

Those balls of fire are a little too close for comfort.

Up next, don’t mess with this warship…

unnamed (49)

This warship means business. The blast is beautiful yet oh-so-deadly.

Up next, a soldier caught in war…

unnamed (47)

This soldier appears to be in a fight for his life. He appears to have lost his help while opening fire.

Up next, a jet creates beautiful artwork in the sky.

unnamed (44)

It’s not exactly Picasso, but this jet still managed to create a beautiful and colorful sight in the sky…if you ask us.

Up next, the blast that shook the ground…

unnamed (43)

These soldiers brace for impact after opening fire on the enemy. Notice the ground beneath them.

Up next, a missile prepares for take off…

unnamed (41)

This missile flies through the sky like a fiery rocket. The only word we can think of to describe it is: WOW!

Up next, it’s a two man missile…

unnamed (40)

These soldiers unleash a mortar that knows exactly where it’s headed.

Up next, this mortar leaves a fiery trail behind…

unnamed (39)

Check out the fiery bloom from this mortar. Talk about perfect timing!

Up next, what goes up, must come down…

unnamed (38)

This mortar shoots straight up in the sky, like a rocket on a mission for NASA.

Up next, four jets soar above the crowd.

unnamed (37)

These jets are flying so low, the crowd can almost touch them!

Up next, a jet prepares for takeoff…

unnamed (36)

The guys on the runway get super up close and personal with a lightning-fast jet.

Up next, you won’t believe “the landing” this plane makes.

unnamed (34)

This jet appears to perfectly land on the wing of this helicopter.

Up next, a jet is perfectly parallel with the ground.

unnamed (31)

This plane is gettin’ low…low…low.

Up next, a K9 on a mission…

unnamed (30)

This K9 masters the obstacle course beautifully…and with a smile.

Up next, a mortar creates an AWESOME sight through the air.

unnamed (28)

Take a look of the beautiful aftermath left behind from this mortar. Johnny Cash would be proud of this “ring of fire.”

Up next, a tank unleashes one heck of a blast…

unnamed (27)

That’s one heck of a blast this tank just unleashed. It’s so mesmerizing!

Up next, a “laser” of sorts shoots through the sky…

unnamed (25)

A perfect straight line of fiery proportions shoots through the sky.

Up next, what these planes appear to do will make you nervous…

unnamed (24)

From the looks of these photos, these two planes are way too close for comfort.

Up next, a frightening view for one warship…

unnamed (5)

It’s a wonder how this warship didn’t catch on fire due to all the blasts.

Up next, two jets combine to form a “star”…

unnamed (22)

It almost looks like these two jets have formed a star during daylight hours…however, they’re merely soaring pass one another.

Up next, marines and an airplane create true, perfect timing…

unnamed (20)

It looks as if these marines’ rifles are holding up this enormous plane above them…and not even flinching a muscle.

Up next, a missile flies through the air like a bird.

unnamed (18)

Faster than a speeding bullet…

Up next, this jet has the perfect view of quite a phenomenal sight…

unnamed (16)

As this jet soars through the sky, it appears that a NASA space shuttle prepares for lift off.

Up next, a celebration like no other…

unnamed (14)

It looks as if these hats are about to knock the planes out of the sky!

Up next, this fiery blast doesn’t even phase this soldier…

unnamed (13)

This soldier is ready for anything…even a fiery explosion.

Up next, a mortar prepares to strike.

unnamed (12)

This soldiers seem completely fascinated by the mortar that just shot through their tank.

Up next, another blast too close for comfort…

unnamed (11)

These soldiers don’t even flinch a muscle after firing off this mortar.

Up next, this dog is ready to brave anything…

unnamed (10)

This dog and his fellow soldier are ready for the challenge before them.

Up next, an excited soldier prepares to shoot…

unnamed (8)

If that smile is any indication, that soldier is excited by the powerful weapon he holds in his hands.

Up next, a major rumble in the ocean…

unnamed (7)

This blast is so massive, the fish probably aren’t sure what to make of it all.

Up next, a tank spews heavy smoke like a dragon…

unnamed (6)

The heavy smoke quickly turns day into night.

Up next, a soldier is prepared to do the unthinkable…

unnamed (4)

This soldier is clearly not afraid of heights as he get ready to take the plunge.

Up next, talk about a balancing act!…

unnamed (3)

For the record, while this may look like a balancing act, this is the scene right before this missile destroys what’s in front of it.

Up next, two pilots who are up to some tricks…

unnamed (1)

It takes real skill to pull off a move like this! These pilots definitely own the sky with this trick.