This Florida Couple Turned an Old School Bus Into the Perfect Home on Wheels

The alternative housing movement has been raging on in full force for the better part of the past decade or so. Pioneering  this new way of life has been the ‘tiny house’ movement. Tiny houses are exactly what their title implies: homes that are incredibly small and maximized to make life convenient and accessible.

Today we are going to talk about an offshoot of the Tiny House movement — the skoolie. Skoolies are vehicles, typically school buses, that have been turned into homes on wheels. We are going to follow the story of a young couple from Florida who decided to change out their 1,6000 square foot home for a bus that they called, ‘Just Right’. Follow along each step of the way as Chris and Kelly created their dream: a home on wheels.

It started with a dream.

Chris and Kelly were a pair of high school sweethearts that transitioned into adult life together. They spent the majority of their 20s bouncing around from apartment to apartment before finally landing in a giant home: 1,600 square feet with 3 bedrooms and a pair of bathrooms. Despite this gorgeous home the couple wasn’t happy. Enter stage left: the tiny house movement and the skoolie evolution.

Was tiny right for them?

Naturally the pair started to research the tiny house movement that had been all over television and the internet. While the idea of a small, maximized home appealed to them — it still wasn’t quite right. Chris and Kelly wanted something mobile that could haul around the whole family.

Enter the skoolie!

If classic cars are cool then classic buses are super cool. Chris and Kelly opted to go for the 1991 Ford Thomas school bus. This bus has 11 rows of seats that can fit up to 64 passengers at a time. Would that be roomy enough for the couple and their dogs?

A big step toward a perfect fit.

While many friends and family members were telling Chris and Kelly to give up on this idea, the high school sweethearts were doubling down. Here we see the pair taking their bus home for the first time.