Husband and Wife Turned Their Backyard Into An Oasis By Building Their Own Waterfall!

Waterfalls are equally exciting and tranquil. I don’t think there is a person in the world who wouldn’t love to say that they have one in their backyard. Well, one of our DIY subscribers decided that he wanted just that. Johnny and his wife were bored with their drab backyard and after evaluating the space decided that it was the perfect place to build their very own waterfall.

Johnny, one of our very skillful DIY subscribers, and his wife built this magnificent waterfall and shared the entire process with us! In Johnny’s own words he explains how they successfully built their very first waterfall.

The Plan

This is the back of our home that faces a wall of dirt. We plan on making it look like a lush hillside with a beautiful waterfall coming down through the greenery. Our family room windows look out at this. On the far left of this photo is our “gold mine”, we’ll get into that later.

So It Begins

First I want to say, this is our first project like this ever. It may or may not be the correct way. Our first step was to move all the rocks that we had lined the walkway with, out of the way then remove some dirt. This area will have a retaining wall when the waterfall is finished.

The Excavator

We rented a mini excavator to dig the area for the waterfall and the hole for the water storage tank. There were only about 5 inches between the excavator and the house while turning. You DO NOT want to hit the wrong lever to swing the wrong way. I did not hit the house! I did something right that day.

The Less Hand Work The Better

My goal was to get as much digging done with the machine as possible.