How to Create a Home Gym for Under $100

Let’s face it, going to the gym is the hardest part of working out.

You have to drive there, spend money on membership dues, and share it with a whole lot of strangers.

The solution? A home gym – but a lot of guys hesitate to go the home gym route. They’re worried about not having enough space, or not being able to afford any equipment. Well, we’re going to blast those worries away with a few tips on how you can build your own home gym for under $100…and have it work! Get ready to lose those excuses, and then lose a few pounds.

Bodyweight Exercise – $0

Do you, somewhere in your house, have enough room to lie down for a push-up in any given direction? Congratulations! You have enough room for a home gym. When switching to an at-home setup, you need to focus on bodyweight activities. Fortunately, bodyweight training has a host of benefits, including working a great number of muscles groups…and being very, very low cost. I mean, all you really need for a push-up or a squat is the ground, right?

Pull-Up Bar – $30 – $50

A pull-up bar allows you to do a number of overhand and underhand pulls that are great for building upper body strength. It also allows you to work on your abs and other muscle sets – and as long as you have a door, you can install one in minutes. Most pull-up bars cost around $50 MSRP, but try looking for sales to get that price down – they are out there!

Mat – Around $15

Lying on wood or carpet isn’t the best, especially if you end up sweating all over it. Your home gym needs a humble mat that you can roll out when appropriate. Now, unless your wife/girlfriend isn’t using their yoga mat anymore, you’ll want to buy one new. Fortunately, a simple mat is all you need (not one of those overprice foldy versions), so the cost won’t be that high for some basic cushioning

Jump Rope – $10

Jump ropes are awesome tools for working on cardio when you don’t have a lot of room. Simply altering speed or sets is a great way to change up your routine and burn tons of calories. Plus, you can get a jump rope at the store for a very low price.

Bench – A few bucks to free

The bad news here is that yes, you really do need a bench, preferably something you can lie down on for more complex incline presses and other activities you may want to try. The good news is that…well, it just has to be a bench that supports your weight. No need to buy a crazy gym version. Head to local garage sales and you’ll have a high likelihood of finding a bench for pennies that you can tote back home, cover with a towel, and start using.

Dumbbells – $40

You don’t need dumbbells for a home gym, but it sure helps when weight training. A good dumbbell set costs hundreds of dollars, but here’s the thing: They never really wear out. So take a look on Craigslist, local sales sites, eBay and other places for a set of dumbells that someone is ready to sell. We’ve seen serviceable dumbbells for around $40 on these channels, so there are some great deals out there. Just try not to pay for shipping!