How This Independent Artist Turned Getting Dumped, Moving, and Changing Career Paths Into His Best Work Yet!

Chase McBride

A designer, artist, and independent musician from California, has been writing and releasing albums on his own since he moved from his home state of Montana in 2007. He’s worked with big-name producers, gotten his songs in television shows, made a music video, and won a handful of awards for his work in the industry. We love his stuff, and you will to.

A year ago, his life completely changed when he got dumped by his girlfriend, switched career paths, and moved to a new city, all in the same few months. While most of us would probably lay in bed for a month, or sign up for a Netflix subscription, Chase had a different way of dealing with the disappointment and uncertainty. He did what he knows best, and got to work on a new album, taking the business lessons from his San Francisco tech startup experience with him.

Making the decision to remain completely independent throughout the process was a difficult one, as it meant McBride would have to fund the entire project of his own. Luckily his ever-expanding network of talented friends proved to be a vital resource, as were the myriad new internet platforms that allow artists to engage directly with their audiences, outside of the typical media channels.

His new album, ‘Cold Water’, is a stunning collection of catchy, confessional songs. He’s already landed a major publishing deal, released a beautiful music video, and gotten the attention of his musical idols with this new work. The next year is looking like a big one for this blossoming artist.

Stream his new album for free above, or check out his music on Spotify.

Here’s the music video for the single, “On The Other Side”: