Architect Turns WW1 Era Cement Factory Into Gorgeous Mansion in Spain!

When artist Ricardo Bofill came upon a broken down cement factory, back in 1973, he saw more than just a building. Instead, Bofill saw potential and that potential would soon be realized into what we now know as La Fabrica. Over the past 45 years, people have watched in wonder as Bofill chose to renovate the dilapidated cement factory, turning it into one of the most impressive mansions in all of Barcelona. Let’s get inside of this fascinating structure and see just how Bofill turned an old WW1-era pollution center into a piece of art.

It started in 1973


If you had never heard of Bofill, well, we’d forgive you. After all, who really knows a ton about international architecture? In any case, Bofill has been practicing his profession as an artist and an architect since the age of 23 — amassing over 1,000 projects throughout the world. La Fabrica may just be his crowning jewel, pictured here.

 A monolith of beauty and reformation


Perhaps the most alluring aspect of Bofill’s work is how he integrates nature into man’s own machine. The trestles of vines seem to live alongside the artwork of the building, twining in and out.

 At first, there were ruins


When Bofill first happened upon the factory he came to the realization that he would have to tear down in order to build up. The building had been decomposing for years so Bofill decided to hasten the process in a few key areas to help shape the layout.

 Creating a modern environment was his goal


Bofill decided to tear down only segments of the cement factory. His goal was to leave enough structure there to make it seem like a natural formation had emerged straight from the ground — free of man’s own design. We can certainly see where he was going with this decision, can you?