7 Reasons Feminism is Awesome for Men

At some point in your life, you learned to believe an awful lie—that feminism is just for women.  One of the most prevalent and destructive myths about feminism is that it’s anti-male, or female chauvinist. The truth is that modern feminism (we’re in the fifth wave now, folks!) is against stereotyping any person by gender, and is all about equality for everyone, regardless of their body parts. Rather than worry that feminists are out to get you, it’s time to start celebrating that we’re gaining traction with this idea that all people should be evaluated by their active character, rather than by long-debunked stereotypes, and realize what benefits gender equality offers us all. If you haven’t yet, join the newest wave of feminist men, and more women will like you!

Here, gentlemen, are 7 reasons why feminism is good for you:

Sex with a feminist is better sex

Yep. Studies show that both men who are with feminists women, as well as those women themselves report higher satisfaction levels during sexy time. Remember sexual liberation?  Feminism says women are allowed to enjoy sex. No complaint here!

Boys do cry, Robert Smith, boys do cry

We’ve all been shaped by unfair gender stereotypes, including the vastly damaging myths of the “tough guy,” the “alpha male,” and even the “dirty old man.” Feminists don’t want you to live under those blanket stereotypes any more than they want women to have to act like shrinking violets. Modern feminism is about breaking down all sex and gender stereotypes, even the ones about you.

There is life beyond the button-down and khaki ensemble

Have you ever wanted to feel a little fabulous? Freedom from gender norms means ditching the ridiculous notion that your feelings about fashion has anything to do with sexuality, or the offensive 90’s idea of the “metrosexual.” Want to spice up your normal business suit with an ascot? We won’t judge.